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 World Class Gable Top Carton Packaging Machinery Systems

Since 1962, we've worked with customers to develop new ways to solve problems resulting in processes to package a wide variety of food and beverage items - from the traditional to innovative new products.


Now with over 2000 installations in more than 60 countries, NiMCO continues to build on its worldwide reputation as the premier independent manufacturer of gable-top form, fill and seal machinery systems.


New and unique systems now include:
Spout Applicator units

   ○   Original Equipment or Field Retrofit

   Ultra Clean Carton Sterilization using H2O2
   ○   For Long Life Products - Juices, Eggs, Salads

In addition to filling the of liquid milk and juice products, NiMCO is the dominant manufacturer for providing Gable-Top solutions for the filling of Dry Food or Non-Food Products

Whether standard or specialized equipment, NiMCO
strives to find workable solutions for your unique application.

Special - 280QL LE - Introductory Price

1500 CPH Basic Form, Fill and Seal Unit

NiMCO 680QLCP Ultra Clean - The Preferred Machine

NiMCO Carton Product Array

Gable-Top - The Preferred Carton

Nimco 280QL


NiMCO Spout Applicator

NiMCO 580QL with CIP

NiMCO 780TGI Dry Fill

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