Product Line


Product Line

NiMCO offers the most comprehensive product line in the industry. From manual top and bottom carton sealers to high speed units with spout applicators and carton sterilization systems - all filling gable top cartons from 120 ml to 5 Liters.  NiMCO machines combine reliable mechanical operations with the latest in electronics to ensure leak proof seals and consistent trouble free production output.  Most models incorporate the following standard features and can be tailored to your individual production needs:

Standard Features *
Mechanical Drive System
Stainless Steel Frame & Exterior Panels
380V 3pH 50/60 Hz Electrical System
Security Enclosure Doors of Acrylic Plastic
Electric Interlock Door Safety Switches
Carton Guide Chains in UHMW Plastic Rails
Positive Piston Liquid Fill System
Standard Deflector Fill Nozzles
No Carton - No Fill Sensors
Micro - Fill Fine Fill Adjustment
High/Low Product Level Control
Product Tank Low Level Alarm
Electric Forced Air Bottom & Top Heaters
Water Cooled Mandrels and Sealing Surfaces
PLC with Color Touch Screen Operator Panel
Electronic Variable Speed Drive Motor
End Mount Electrical Control Panel
* Most Machine Models

Optional Equipment
Machine Spare Parts Kit
220-440-480V 3pH 50/60 Hz Electrical System
16 Digit Electric Brander
Automatic Greasing System
Fill System Cleaning Cups and Discharge Pipe
Cleaning Cycle Valve to Spray Ball
CIP Collection Tank and Return Pump Skid
Time or Flow Meter Filling System
Foamless Fill Nozzles
Tulip Fill Nozzles
HEPA Filter Unit
CAP-PAC® Spout Applicator
Ultra Clean Carton Sterilization
Machine and Filler Sanitizing
Closed Loop Cooling
Self Contained Water Chiller
Hot Fill Capabilities
Dry Fill Capabilities
Auxiliary Fillers

Models can be manufactured to operate with any gable top cartons allowing you the flexibility to purchase cartons and spouts from the supplier of your choice.
Available Configurations - Standard Pure Pak, B Style or 1/2 Gallon Top and Tetra Rex.
 If you have a special size, don't worry, NiMCO can help design a machine for your individual application

Basic Operation

All automatic machines use the same simple principle to
form, fill and seal gable top cartons

Basic Steps

Carton Infeed
Bottom Heater
Bottom Seal
Spout Application
Product Filling
Top Heater
Top Seal